Tuber Peaches N’ Cream


If you have been following along here for a while you will know that Peaches N’ Cream is my, Michelle’s, FAVORITE dahlia variety! It has taken me 4 years to build up my stock and I am so excited that we finally have these available to sell this year in 2023. This flower literally looks CREAMY…colors range from peach/soft pink with creamy white coloring at times and almost like sherbet orange with blush tips and cream, with some ranging in colors as almost a mix of the two. As you can see in one of the photos this flowers does range in colors and looks ¬†also depending on maturity of bloom. Tall plants that are workhorses all season long! Always one of the first to bloom and also one of the most productive! Considered a formal decorative type bloom, if you let it open all the way the petals will wrap all the way around creating a ball that is an unmatchable characteristic of this flower (see photo). Can you tell she is my favorite…love love love this variety!

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