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Whole-food, plant-based, farm Inspired recipes from our kitchen to yours! The Eastward Gardens Cookbook is a compilation all of my favorite recipes! NO I repeat NO  “Fake-meats” or “Meat Analogues” NO “Excitotoxins” NO “Flavor Enhancers” NO “Unpronounceable’s” just ingredients that you can imagine growing in your own garden or create in your own kitchen! If you love fresh, fun and delicious meals that are healthy for you and your family you should try it out!

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It all started in 2018 when a sweet young lady came to our farm stand at the farmers market and asked if she could come out and volunteer on our farm. It became a once a week thing for a while and we became friends, there is something about spending hours together in a garden that binds you close together quickly! I would cook lunch every week and after several weeks passed Madeline suggested that a put all of my recipes into a cookbook! Little did she know I had already been working on collecting all my favorite tried and true recipes, but I did not think we could afford to make a cookbook with professional pictures and all the edits and work that would go into publishing a cookbook. After explaining this to Madeline she so positively shared, that she would love to make the cookbook with me, that she was an artist and could drawl all the pictures and we can make the copies ourselves. Fast forward to summer 2021 when I met Marisa, at another farmers market, who offered to edit the book for a trade of veggies, flowers and cookbooks once it was completed. In the end, it took us over 3 years to complete this project! There was so much love poured into every page and we thank you for supporting our farm by purchasing our cookbook! I pray this book inspires you to cook simple, wholesome, nourishing meals for you and your family!


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