Mixed Anemone Bouquet


Definitely one of the most interesting and unique flowers we grow! You may have heard of a sea anemone and this flower does have something in common with this marine animal because it also opens and closes. Anemone flowers will open in the day with more warm temperatures and close back up at night with the cooler more dark environment. Ranging from white with black centers, to blush, red and almost a blueish purple these flowers are for sure a show stopper. Like ranunculus they are harvested when buds are just starting to show color and will open more in a vase. Changing water regularly will extend the vase life and buds can last up to two weeks in a vase. Anemone bouquets only come in mixed colors and one size. 

PLEASE NOTE: Mini Bouquets are 4-6 inch stems, they are the perfect size for a small bud vase!

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