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How to get one of our amazing bengals so you and your family can experience the joy of living with one of these beautiful cats.

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Our Cats

Our goal in starting to breed Bengal cats was to develop the most genetically diverse, healthy  cats while maintaining the beauty of the breed, in all of their unique colors. We absolutely love their playful personalities! These cats are highly intelligent, allowing them to learn how to do tricks! They are often described as “dog like” as they love to be walked with a leash and harness and have similar social behaviors, making them great for other pets and kids.


Mr. Wilson is a beautiful brown rosetted Bengal cat that carries for Snow Lynx. 


Pluie is a Snow Lynx Bengal cat

Soleil is a Silver F2 that carries for charcoal 


We are expecting a litter of kittens from Mr. Wilson and Pluie around July 6, 2024


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Mr. Wilson and Pluie litter due 7/6/24

Mr. Wilson and Soleil  litter due 7/17/24


Health Screening

All of our cats are screened for HCM (heart problem),  PK-deficiency (anemia), PRA-b (progressive retinal atrophy of the eyes), FiV/FeLV (Immunodeficiency/ Leukemia)

Raw Diet

It is very important to us that our cats get the best protein possible. We currently feed them an all raw diet from a company out of California called Small Patch. After much research we found Small Batch to be the best quality. They animal protein used is ethically sourced and free from hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. All of the other ingredients are organic or wild caught. Our cats also get a wild caught salmon treat daily.

Genetic Testing

We use Optimal Selection from Wisdom Panel to genetically test all of our cats before breeding. 

“The intelligence displayed by many dumb animals approaches so closely to human intelligence that it is a mystery. The animals see and hear and love and fear and suffer. They use their organs far more faithfully than many human beings use theirs. They manifest sympathy and tenderness toward their companions in suffering. Many animals show an affection for those who have charge of them, far superior to the affection shown by some of the human race. They form attachments for man which are not broken without great suffering to them. .”

Ellen Gould White

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