Thursday 5/23 and 5/30 will be the LAST Home Deliveries Days for Spring Flowers!

Find us at three farmers markets weekly in Louisville KY starting mid May!

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Why We Grow The Way We Grow

Larry and Michelle Lesher are the stewards of Eastward Gardens, a small scale high diversity garden located in Hardinsburg Indiana. We are serving our community from Hardinsburg Indiana to Louisville Kentucky by providing over 150 varieties of fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers and culinary herbs. We are Certified Naturally Grown, and garden with a strict rule of no: synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers. We do use natural solutions like seawater minerals, rock minerals, microbes, seaweeds, cover crops, crop rotation, and floating row cover. At Eastward Gardens we are in the business of growing living soil to provide you and your family with nutrient dense safe food. To learn more about our growing practices

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About Flowers

“Our pathway to the heavenly Canaan is bordered with the fair flowers of promise. They blossom all along the way, sending forth their rich fragrance, like the flowers in the gardens of this earth.”

The Youth Instructor pg. 606