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Sorry that it has been too long since our last post. Larry and I have been busy planning and preparing for Spring and are excited about the mild Winter we have had…we plan to start planting next week! The building is slowly progressing along and we wanted to give everyone an update on how it has been going. As you can see from the pictures the end is in sight! Larry has the cooler almost finished and we are looking forward to a season where harvesting will be much more enjoyable…having a cool place to store the freshly harvested produce will make a big difference in the way things operate on the farm.



We have added a second farmers market that will be on Tuesdays in down town Louisville in the NuLu district and you can find details about this on the Find Us tab on the home page. We will continue to sell at the Rainbow Blossom market on Sundays…we miss our loyal Rainbow customers and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

We have  also started taking CSA applications and you can find the application by clicking on the  CSA tab.

I have had a lot of interest in my bread making this year and I thought it would be nice to have it available for all those who have asked. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about the process.

Processed with Moldiv


Processed with Moldiv


 Home Grown Yeast/Bread Recipe

Put one cup organic raisins and 1 3/4 cup water in a 4 cup mason jar with a lid on tight.
There is yeast  living on the raisins and yeast that you can catch from the air that will be eating on the sugar of the raisins for approximately five days. Every day, or until all the raisins are floating to the top, swirl the jar with the lid on and then open the lid to the air for about 30 seconds. Close lid again tightly. This process allows the yeast in the air to be caught and also allows for the bad bacteria that cannot live with oxygen to be killed. Do this every day for the five days.
Once all the raisins are floating to the top it is time to make your bread. At this point you have to commit to making your bread! To start strain the liquid from the raisins and then you add flour to the liquid until it becomes a paste like consistency. I use freshly ground whole-wheat flour. Then put the lid back on not tightly just kind of laying it on top of the jar. You’re going to now wait until that doubles in size, it usually takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the warmth of your home.
I will usually start grinding my wheatberries sometime before it’s totally ready and I’ll get started in the process. This is a wet yeast so it makes a very heavy dense loaf my bread recipe makes five loaves plus one pizza crust.
 Bread recipe:
8 cups of warm water
2/3 cup olive oil
2/3 cup black strap molasses
8 teaspoons sea salt
20 cups of flour (plus or minus a couple)
1 cup oat flour
1 cup sesame seeds, ground, I like to use the brown sesame seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds, ground
I start with adding the warm water, molasses, olive oil and sea salt. Then I slowly add about half the flour, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and the oat flour. Once this is all mixed well together I add my yeast once it’s doubled in size, use the whole amount. Then I will add enough flour to make the right consistency for bread making.  If you’re not experienced a bread making it is usually when the bread is still slightly wet but not sticky.
I have a large Hobart mixer that can handle this amount of ingredients. If you’re using a smaller mixer you’ll probably have to half or quarter this recipe.
The reason why I enjoy this bread so much is because it is not a sour bread. I believe God lead me to making this yeast. The way that the bread and the yeast are  made does not allow for bad bacteria that causes souring. You may be familiar with the old tradition of saving a mother yeast starter. This process is similar but different. The main differences are that we are using the whole amount every time and starting over fresh every time with new raisins a new water. I believe that this helps the bread to be a sweet bread instead of a sour bread. This is recommended for better digestion.
Another thing that I do believe is important is to let your bread sit for 1 to 2 days after baking before eating.
All of the seeds we have ordered are in and we can’t wait to start planting! Larry will be attending a Soil Summit meeting this week and will return to finish up the last touches on the building, amend the soil where we will be planting this season and start the planting of onions, leeks, brassicas and then tomatoes, peppers and eggplant and then…well it will be full steam a head!

 At least for Larry and I!

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By far the best looking spinach we have grown to date. We are grateful for the progress this little farm has made… Most of all we praise God for all that He provides for us! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #whywegrow #veganic #ilovespinachDo you see what I see? #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #ranunculus #whywegrow #springisintheair #italianranunculusRanunculus city! I can hardly wait! So thankful that God has sustained these plants through this cold winter!Looking forward to a Sabbath rest! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #ranunculus #italianranunculus #iloveflowers #iloveranunculus #whywegrow #theliliesthepinksSo much to be thankful for and so many new happenings in 2017. We planted ~1,000 heirloom specialty daffodils bulbs and ~1,000 specialty ranunculus and anemones for the first time this fall, our market stand was 2 tents long with our best sales ever @rainbowblossomky, onions grew for the first time since we’ve been farming in Indiana (definitely a highlight and why this picture is in the center), this was our first year growing flowers and this experience brought Larry and I so much joy this season... dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, celosia... to name a few. Lastly pictures of our salad mix and sweet potatoes which continue to be some of our bestsellers and most popular items! Thank you to all of our family, friends, CSA members, farmers market customers, and restaurants. We are so excited to see what God has planned for Eastward Gardens in 2018.. to God be the glory! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #whywegrow #veganic #ilovefarming #iloveflowers #bestnine2017 #bestnine #2017bestnineThis is happening at Eastward Gardens today! We have several areas of the field that do not drain well and it affects the crops that we plant in those areas year after year. We have decided to put a tile drain in the field… This was a big decision! Our very kind Mennonite neighbors are helping us with the job... so thankful for the resources and so hopeful this will help the wet areas to dry faster. This is what farming in Indiana looks like. So much different than anywhere else we have ever farmed... we know and believe God put us here and we will work and give all that we have as we steward this land for Gods Devine purposes.  #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #whywegrow #veganic #stewards #stewardship #winterfarming #hoosierfarmer #noonesaiditwasgoingtobeeasyTurnips looking so amazing! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #whywegrow #nofilterFrench Breakfast beauties… Happy winter farming! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #whywegrow #veganic #winterfarming #winterharvest #frenchbreakfastradishWe are dreaming of smiling faces and happy hearts this coming spring when we bring ranuncules to market next year. God is so good to create such beauty for us to enjoy! #eastwardgardens #winterfarming #iloveflowers #iloveranunculus #italianranunculus #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #nofilterEarly-morning arugula harvest… It really doesn't get much better than this! Headed to @rainbowblossomky farmers market and so thankful for the beautiful harvest! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #whywegrow #veganic #ilovearugula #nofilter #buylocal #eatfresh500 Italian Ranunculus transplanted today! We are so excited! I know these beautiful flowers are going to bring many smiles and much joy to our farmers market customers this spring. These flowers are a precious reminder of God's sustaining power. #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #whywegrow #iloveflowers #iloveranunculus #italianranunculus #ranunculusOne of our goals her at Eastward Gardens is to provide our community with farm fresh greens all year round! Praise the Lord things are looking amazing in the greenhouse right now! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #whywegrow #ilovegreensWe planted 1,000 Narcissus bulbs this morning before farmers market... I am so thankful to be on the farm full time! It is a dream come true to work with Larry planting flower bulbs! We planted 500 Replete and 500 Petite Four. I can hardly wait for March! So thankful to God for all the blessings. #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #ilovenarcissus #repletedaffodils #petitfourdaffodils #iloveflowers #ilovefarmerlarry #whywegrowWe wait for these amazing WATERMELON RADISHES all season! So thankful for the harvest! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #ilovewatermelonradishesWe are super excited about this... these are Ranunculus corms after they have soaked for 4 hrs. They then go into a mixture of vermiculite and coconut coir that is moist for ~10 days. After 10 days they will have sprouted roots and then we will plant them. In March we will have beautiful Ranunculus to share with our community! So thankful to God for all the beautiful flowers He has created! P.S. These are Larry's favorite flowers! #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #eastwardgardens #veganic #iloveflowers #ranunculus #iloveranunculusWe harvested our first row of Murasaki sweet potatoes yesterday and they look AMAZING! This one large tote is ~1/4 of the way into one bed (100ft beds)...only 775 ft to go..and yes we are hand digging all of them 😅! We are going to have a lot of Murasaki sweet potatoes this year! They are by far our favorite here at Eastward Gardens and we are so grateful for the harvest...don't worry he will smile as soon as I cook some up for dinner😊. #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #ilovesweetpotatoes #marketgardening #heissmilingontheinsideFun and fast arugula harvest on a brisk October thankful for the weed free beds! Larry used tarps in this area before seeding which drastically cuts the weed pressure down. Thanks so much #bountifulblessingsfarm and #farmersfriendllc for all of your support!!! #eastwardgardens #quickcutgreensharvester #marketgardening #farmlife #smallscalefarming #tools #cng #veganic #certifiednaturallygrownOne of the perks of living the farm life... lots of roasted bell peppers for this winter! Praise God for the bounty! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #ilovepeppers #iloveroastedpeppersDid you know that every green pepper picked is an unripe pepper that will turn a color? At Eastward Gardens we never sell green peppers ... they are harder to digest and have not reached their fullest nutritional potential… Food for thought! So thankful for these beautiful red bells! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #nofilter #ilovepeppersThe flowers have been such a blessing this year! I love creating the bouquets for market and how unique each flower and each arrangement is... so fun! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #iloveflowers #ilovedahliasPicking peppers with Monty by my thankful for the peppers this year! #eastwardgardens #cng #certifiednaturallygrown #veganic #catsofinstagram #farmcat