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Happy Spring!

Well it has been a long time since our last post and for this we apologize. It has been a long, cold winter and we are so excited that Spring is finally here.


All the soil amendments are finally on the fields and the planting has begun. Larry has created a soil blend that is “Veganic” and seems to be working well thus far. This was no easy task! When I asked Larry to share about his experience with making our starts mix he said, “Nothing in life is as easy as it seems, and if it is, you have not asked enough questions.” When you farm using the CNG standards and you need to create a starts mix, the first place you turn is the OMRI list. You might be asking, what is the OMRI list? It stands for Organic Materials Review Institute. While this is the highest standard out there, you will see that when you take a closer look you may find that not all the things allowed would be desirable to have in your food system… if you could avoid it. You will find things on that list such as peanut meal, soybean meal, cotton seed meal, fermented corn meal or how about blood or bone meal…side note… that may contain bovine somatotrophin, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow). If you are looking for nitrogen that does not come from a GMO plant, peanut meal sounds really good, until you realize that peanut meal comes from conventionally grown peanuts grown overseas that are used in the oil manufacturing industry.  That they use chemical surfactants to draw out all of the oil of the peanut and then you get this, so called, organically approved peanut meal… and what do you really have? Is that something you want to put in your fields? Not us! How can that be, you might ask yourself. Just take a moment and find out who are the folks that approve all these so called organically approved substances. Take a moment and ask Mr. Google who they are. You might be very surprised to find that two out of five he does not even know. So what do you do? You ask the Lord to guide you into all truth and He will lead. After much research and prayer we found a source for organic food grade peanut flour that was grown in the USA. And this is just one ingredient of a long list. Be of good courage and just take it one ingredient at a time. Think about this thought, as a society we generally do not even talk about what we put in our mouths let alone all that is going into the  fields where produce is grown….Deep thought…I mean this in a literal sense. So let me share with you our starts mix recipe.

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Starts Mix Recipe

  • Blend dry fertilizer then let mellow for 2-3 weeks.

Dry Fertilizer

Organic Kelp Meal – 1.5 quart
Green Sand – 1.5 quart
TN. Brown Rock Phosphate – 1 quart
Organic Peanut Flour – 4 quart
Organic Alfalfa Meal – 1 quart
Organic Sprouted Chickpea Flour – 1 quart
Humic Acid – 6 Tbsp.
Mycorrhizal – 6 Tbsp.





  • Blend liquid fertilizer recipe together

Liquid Fertilizer
Warm Water – 1 gal.
Sea – 90 – 2 Tbsp.
Organic Molasses – .25 cup
Fulvic Acid – 6 Tbsp.


  • Blend base with dry fertilizers, and liquid fertilizer according to portion, let mellow for 1-2 weeks.

Base                     portion            portion            portion         portion
Coir                          7.5 gal.                15 gal.                 30 gal.              60 gal.
Course Sand            5 gal.                  10 gal.                 20 gal.              40 gal.
Soil                          2.5 gal.                  5 gal.                  10 gal.              20 gal.
Compost                   5 gal.                  10 gal.                 20 gal.              40 gal.
Dry Fertilizer          .5 gal.               1.25 gal.             2.5 gal.               5 gal.
Liquid Fertilizer        .5 gal.                1 gal.                 2 gal.                 4 gal.
Total Portion    20.25 gal.     40.5 Gal.           81 Gal.          162 gal.
Cubic yard        .12 cu. yd.       .23 cu. yd.       .47 cu. yd.     .93 cu. yd.


Now to share a little about the soil amending in the field. There is a lot of debate about how to amend your soil even in the organic and/or CNG community. But the reality is most farmers do not even know how to read a soil analysis. That was us not long ago. Not understanding how to read a soil analysis leaves you.. well it’s kind of like a doctor who can’t read a blood test. How can you treat a disease without knowing what is causing the problem. Understanding what the soil analysis means allows you to make purposeful applications verses a “shot gun” approach that is more scattered and haphazard. Now that we fully understand what our soil was deficient in we have been able to make  purposeful and methodically adjustments. We believe that the food grown from this years field will be the most nutritionally rich food we have ever grown. We are so excited to share this healing food with all of our friends, family and customers. The  last amendment to go down was gypsum. Now the planting can begin. First potatoes,  then peas. After that the rest, well….we will post more again soon!


Happy onions and tomatoes in our new starts mix! Praise the Lord!

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